See what my students have to say

Phillip was already a fairly good drummer before he started working with me, but he struggled to learn songs quickly. After working with me now he can!

Dee took 6 years off from drumming and playing at her church. After working with me, she has been able to seamlessly join the band again. As the only female in an all male band, she doesn't feel intimidated anymore because she is CONFIDENT in her skills.

Dan has made tremendous progress since he started working with me. So much so that his worship leader has absolutely noticed an increase in his skills!

In only 3 months time Vic has made tremendous progress in his drumming and can prepare so much faster and more efficiently for worship sets!

Rick was stuck in a rut and ready to sell his drums before he started working with me and now with my help and his dedication his excitement for drumming for the Lord is back!

Samuel was a total beginner when he started working with me and now he's blown away by his improvement.

Paige used to get nervous playing in front of people, but after working with me she now has the confidence in her skills to play pretty much every week at her church as the main drummer.

Holly was taking lessons at the local music store for a year and STILL couldn't play songs. After working with me now she can!

Too many self taught drummers think that learning to read music won't help them become a better drummer, but listen to what a huge difference it made for Mike. (20+ years self taught) 

Jason's skills in his drumming and musicality has improved so much that even his band members at church have noticed without him even telling them he was working with me!

Jim now plays on his worship team with confidence because he is confident in his skills.

Lucas starting playing for his youth worship band 3 months after working with me.

How Mike has learned to read music and now has a better understanding for rhythm and how drumming goes.

Gabe couldn't find what he was looking for in other drumming programs because he was looking for someone who specializes in worship!

Luke no long has anxiety and worry serving on the worship team at his church. He now has replaced nervousness with confidence.

John no longer just plays in the practice room. He now plays in church after working with me.

Even after playing for 5o years Allen has take his drumming to a new level working with me. 

After a long hiatus from drumming, Doug now can read music and because of that skill it's helped his independence and coordination.

Luis didn't realize how much help he needed with his drumming until he started working with me.




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